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1 Graphic Guidelines on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:45 pm


CD Owner
Hey guys, before you requests a graphic please follow the given template as it can give a more clearer information for the designer who is doing for you.
Note: If you do not follow the given template, your requests will either be rejected or ignored.
Thank you.

Example of how it used:
Type of Graphic: Affiliate button / banner / logo / signature / avatar / Other [State]
Size in pixels:
Link to forum or screenshot:
Text on image:
Sub-Text on image:
Link to images:

Copy and Paste this into the reply section and fill it in.
[b]Type of Graphic:[/b]
[b]Size in pixels:[/b]
[b]Link to forum or screenshot:[/b]
[b]Text on image:[/b]
[b]Sub-Text on image:[/b]
[b]Link to images[/b]:

This are the size of the different type of graphic. Please refer here for the type of size.

Affiliate button - 88x31
Ad Banners - 468x60
Avatar - 120x120:
Banner - 700x150:
Userbar - 350x20
Signature - 350x150

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